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PowerPoint templates and custom PowerPoint template designs

PPTtemplate.com provide professional PowerPoint template designs for download and use. But there are times when every presenter requires even more attention, even more focus, and wishes their presentation to be not only heard, but seen and to stand out from the crowd.

Whilst for many, a generic, professionally designed, high end PowerPoint template which suits the theme, subject, and topic of the presentation will suffice. For others, the need for a unique PowerPoint template design. And one which perhaps incorporates their organizations color scheme, logo, design manual, or style is required.

Custom powerpoint templates and powerpoint template designs

Custom PowerPoint template designs provide a unique chance for you, your company, your product, or service, to be seen by your audience in a totally distinct and professional way.

As is so often the case with key presentations. Limitations imposed by existing templates and corporate slides are simply not enough to gain the attention of the audience, communicate your message, and achieve your business objectives.

PPTtemplate.com understands the needs of individuals who need to go that extra step. Perhaps for a presentation to the board, to share holders, at an product launch, towards partners, to customers, or at a trade show or convention. The need for your presentations to be seen as clear-cut and memorable, can only be attained through professional communication and design. Where your content is housed in a graphic shell, your PowerPoint template, which supports and upholds the values of your presentation.

One often places great effort in the writing, structuring, and presenting of ideas, thoughts, and key arguments in a presentation. And yet after such work and attention, why then simply cut and paste content into a Microsoft clipart, or public domain PowerPoint template? Templates which not only undermine the presentation, but also sends a clear signal to the audience that their expectations will be met at a low level.

Because whilst the audience is listening to you as a presenter, they are also watching your presentation and PowerPoint slides. The quality, professionalism, and design of a unique and custom designed PowerPoint template provides you with the ability to show your audience that not only is your presentation unique. But every effort has been made to exceed their expectations of quality and appeal, allowing you to focus on your speech, and your audience to more willingly view, acknowledge, and accept your presentation arguments, case, and reasoning.

To find out more about how PPTtemplate's PowerPoint Services team can create the presentation template you've always wanted, contact us today for a free no obligation quote and start gaining your audience's attention.

Custom powerpoint template samples and samples of custom powerpoint template designs

At PPTtemplate.com, our experienced artists and graphic designers are here to bring your presentations to life with enhanced Microsoft PowerPoint template designs.

Click on any of the sample images below to view some of our creative work.

The first example for Body Shop, was created for the presentation "The Beauty of Controlled Cosmetics". Designing not only the PowerPoint template design, images, and illustrations, our PowerPoint professionals also restructured the clients original content draft to compose a more evenly paced and comprehensive presentation.

The second example for Gillette, was produced for Gillette Europe and the Gillette Fusion razor. Created from 3d models and rendering, the design shows the new five blade Gillette Fusion razor in various angles, degrees, and levels of closeup. Illustrating the style, form, and classic shaping of the razor. "The Revolution in Shaving" PowerPoint presentation template is now in use by Gillette throughout Europe in over thirty six countries.

The third example for Dell, was designed by the artists of PPTtemplate.com for Dell Computers and their new range of XPS desktop computers. The template design makes use of Dell's trademark blue color scheme and the XPS photo illustrations have been super imposed with various elements such as fire, speed, magnetic, and electric fields, to further underline the power of Dell's flagship personal and gaming computers.

Custom powerpoint template for Body Shop Custom powerpoint template for Gillette Custom powerpoint template for Dell
Body Shop
PowerPoint template sample
PopUp graphic file
Gillette Fusion
PowerPoint template sample
PopUp graphic file
PowerPoint template sample
PopUp graphic file
PPTtemplate.com is a full service presentations and powerpoint bureau

Improve your existing presentation by:
  • Reviewing and editing text to improve the delivery of your message and overall communication.
  • Reformatting of the slides for a more professional look.
  • Modifying the color scheme to match specific points and achieve greater strategic objectives.
  • Adding attractive PowerPoint backgrounds for greater visual appeal and attention.
  • Creating custom graphics to support key points and arguments.

Develop new components for your presentation by:
  • Designing corporate branded templates.
  • Introducing animated effects and transitions.
  • Animating your brand and/ or logo.
  • Designing original artwork for your backgrounds, charts, and illustrations.

Create an entire new and custom presentation by:
  • Front end table of contents and navigation.
  • Custom photos, illustrations, movie, and sound clips.
  • Sophisticated slide designs.
Outsource your presentations to the powerpoint professionals

In today's modern world, presentations take place continuously. If your company produces a high volume of PowerPoint presentations, outsourcing your presentations to PPTtemplate.com will enable you to leverage the benefits of increased presentation quality, improved deadline compliance, as well as the ability to reduce the fixed cost of internal human reosurces and time to a variable cost.

Outsourcing your presentations to PPTtemplate provides:
  • Expanded hours of presentation support.
  • Increased presentation quality.
  • Reduced presentation production costs.
  • Improved deadline compliance.
  • Increased management and organizational.
  • Overflow support.
  • Reduced human resources risks.
After consulting and discussing your unique position, together we will diagnose your needs, and collaborate with you to create a custom presentation outsourcing solution that:
  • Provides you with around the clock support for high-cost professionals.
  • Provides you with cost-effective PowerPoint presentation support for low utilization or peak periods including holidays, and weekend periods.
  • Reduce your costs whilst increasing the quality of your presentations and service by replacing your non-core presentation graphics department.
Contact us today to discuss your outsourced presentation service requirements and outsource your presentations to the PowerPoint professionals.
To learn more about how PPTtemplate can help you with your PowerPoint and presentation needs contact us today. Our account executives are on hand to provide you with a free consultation and free non obligation quotation for your presentation assignment, outsourcing, and communication needs.
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