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Welcome to PPTtemplate's links and recommended online resources.

These links are collected to provide you with the leading online resources for presentation and presentation related services that can help you discover more about the potential of your presentation.
Presentation and powerpoint resources

Sites within this category include:
Royalty free powerpoint templates and powerpoint backgrounds.
123PPT.com provide presenters with royalty free professional premade PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint backgrounds, video backgrounds, music loops, sound effects, and presentation photos. As well as a complete range of custom presentation services for PowerPoint, multimedia, and DVD productions.

123PPT also provide The Presenters Forum, presentation articles, presenting tips and tricks, and tutorials.
Dcouments, publications, and Microsoft Office Word resources

Sites within this category include:
Royalty free Word templates and document templates for Microsoft Word.
123DOCX.com provide professionally designed royalty free word templates for microsoft word to enable you to create attention grabbing high impact documents, reports, brochures, and publications.

From Word templates, to corporate stationary brand and logo design, 123DOCX provide a full range of document and publication services.
Presentation music and sound links and resources

Sites within this category include:
PresentationSounds provide royalty free music and sound effects for use within PowerPoint slides and presentations, Adobe Flash, broadcast, and media productions.
Photography links and resources

Sites within this category include:
Royalty free photos and images for print and digital media
PhotoGhetto provide royalty free photos and stock images for presenters, designers, and media producers.

With no complex license agreements, or pay-per-use restrictions, PhotoGhetto.com is the leading online supplier of high-end image photography for your printed and digial media needs, with photo collections such as Animals & Wildlife, Clouds & Skyscapes, Fruit, Flowers & Flora, and Urban Decay.
Other valuable links and resources

Sites within this category include:
The Impossible Media Group
The Impossible Media Group consists of a full media production agency as well as innovation and media propagator enterprise. Bringing award winning design competence and led by former European Web Designer of the Year, Scott Harvey. The Impossible Media Group provides international clients with high end strategic design and communication strategies, campaigns, print, web, and digital media services. As well as online community and business innovations through its daughter company Impossible Media Ventures.
Impossible Media
Impossible Media is a leading Scandinavian design and communications group, delivering high impact, state of the art design and strategic communications solutions encompassing an entire range of market and design services.
Impossible Media Ventures
Impossible Media Ventures is a media propagator and business development company. As creator, discussions partner, strategic advisor, collaborator, or together injoint venture, Impossible Media Ventures is able to devise and develop business models and strategy, creating entire communication and operations platforms, as well as marketing requisites necessary to nurture and ensure the healthy growth and success of a new media venture development. Working from idea and concept, through to realization and operational management.
The Newsletter Tool
The Newsletter Tool provides a unique e-marketing and newsletter service. Through complete customizable templates, users can create their own direct mails for news, press releases, product sales, offers, and promotions.

The Newsletter Tool enables users to establish accounts, set up and manage unique mailing lists, as well as distribution mailing times, response, and campaign management.
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