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Advertise on PPTtemplate.com and gain unparalleled reach, branding, and targeting towards your business markets and market targets.

Advertising on PPTtemplate provides your marketing campaign with the unique chance to expose your brand, products, and services to users of Microsoft PowerPoint and presenters everywhere.

PPTtemplate.com offers marketers the ability to promote their highly engaging, and interactive campaign banners through either Rich or Standard Media Banner formats.

To find the Banner Format that is right for your campaign please read the format definitions below, and begin creating the exposure and response levels you demand from your online campaign.

Rich media banner format
Rich Media Advertising offers you the opportunity to make audiences stop and take notice through the reflection of movement, energy, and emotion, sound and music.

The use of Adobe Flash animation and authoring software in campaigns has been proven to improve brand performance. Through it's visual dynamics, ability to create smooth and realistic animations, as well as stream motion video footage. Rich Media is able to illustrate positive values, and focus attention for your corporate brand or product service.

The Rich Media Banner Format provides:
  • Sight, sound, and motion to your campaign.
  • The ability to employ attention grabbing sequences.
  • Campaigns that are moving and stirring rather than stationary and static.
  • High impact focus driven visuals that generate market awareness.
  • Longer lasting impressions to target audiences.
  • Automatic scaling to the size of the banner placement space.
  • A full service program with no additional work for you (if required).
The Technical Specifications of The Rich Media Banner Format are:
Campaign Space: Full Size
Dimensions of Banner: 680 pixels width x 94 pixels height
Maximum Banner File Size: 50K
Rich Media Banner File Size: 50k initial load, up to 350K for streaming
Animation Possibilities: Infinite

Standard media banner format
Standard Banner Formats have been a part of Internet and the Internet users online experience since its early beginning.

The Standard Banner Format is often seen upon websites as animated .GIF banners in various sizes, or as static .JPG images. Although in decline, due to reduced market and campaign driven results in comparison to Rich Media advertising, the Standard Banner Format is still commonplace upon many Internet portal and web site solutions.

The Standard Banner Format provides:
  • A quick and simple solution to online promotion.
  • The ability to communicate a key message to your target audience.
The Technical Specifications of The Standard Banner Format are:
Campaign Space: Full Size
Dimensions of Banner: 680 pixels width x 94 pixels height
Maximum Banner File Size: 40K
Rich Media Banner File Size: N / A
Animation Possibilities: Infinite

Pricing options
PPTtemplate.com provide a variety of pricing options including:
  • Fixed Cost-Per-Week (CPW)
  • And the value saving Fixed Cost-Per-Month (CPM)

Get your advertising campaign on air
At PPTtemplate.com we aim to provide you and your online campaign with the greatest exposure and response to our consumers and online audience.

Without complex tracking or account set up options and requirements, you simply provide us with your campaign banners and advertising graphics.
You decide how you want to run and manage your campaign by deciding either to:
  • Inform us of the number of pages you wish your banners to be placed on as well as the duration of your campaign and we will then provide you with your required advertising budget and possible start dates.
  • Or inform us of your advertising budget, and the number of pages you wish to place your banners on and we will inform you of the duration of your campaign and possible start dates.
Simply put, you control your campaign and your banners gain greatest exposure, click throughs, and traffic for you from our pages.

To provide a greater understanding of your online marketing and campaign needs, please click to contact us here. One of our accountant executives will contact you non intrusively by email to discuss how we can help you to optimize your marketing plans on PPTtemplate.com.
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